Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When the heart takes over.

My life has begun to move backwards,
In memories of what has happened,
The bad nor the good,
Just hurts more than ever

Speaking of the devil,

Its just a term,

But speaking of my devil,
Is more than just-a-term.

Life shall and will go on,
Trying to move forward,
But backwards only is possible,
Eternity, shall this not happen.

Thoughts of you,
Is like sweetened chocolate,
Thinking of you,

Is like nailing my heart.

To be together or not,
That is an option to be chosen from,
But me loving you,
That is not an option.

Baby, oh my baby,
Love is bitter and sweet,
The more
bitter, the better
The more
sweet,only makes you a diabetic patient.

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