Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tradition is the KEY to a classy life style.

Meyshna and I

Monija, the dancing diva.

Meyshna, Dad, Mom, and Yours truly.

From this, we all officially know that I'm a BHARATHANATYAM dancer which also means Indian classical dancing :) I have a thing thing for dancing. DANCING IS MY PASSION. I obviously would not mind persuing my career in dancing, but haha, i'll keep that secondary :) What more if it's traditional dancing?! :) I CAN dance all night long to preferably INDIAN songs, ENGLISH comes next.
Though i can't speak TAMIL/MALAYALAM fluently, i still do listen to Tamil/Malayalam songs because the music is soothing and the voice modulation and the pitching i just right.

A shot taken during the performance.

I'm a true believer of tradition, culture and religion. If u think that's weird, YOU'RE WEIRD. Honestly, the main reason the world is turning disastrous is due to lack of BELIEVE in his/her religion. So, open your eyes people. You would not want a world filled with bimbo's and arrogant creatures, would you?! To all you non-believers out there, i quote 'Believe in your religion, learn the true meaning of life.'
Me, Meyshna and Srividya (bottom)

After the show with Leila, Aunty Thevy, Me, Meyshna and Sonia.


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