Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If u dont have a Rose, u always have a Daisy.

It worries ME, every time I look at HER.
Knowing I'm nothing like her.

Her radiant skin tone,
Her pearly smile,
Her petite body structure,
Her pictures,
Her creativity.

Its worries HER, every time SHE looks at ME,
Knowing she is nothing like me.

My family ever willing to sacrifice themselves for me,
My friends more known as my back bone,
My joyous hours of living with no worries,
My bombshell personality,
My knowledge filled brain.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When the heart takes over.

My life has begun to move backwards,
In memories of what has happened,
The bad nor the good,
Just hurts more than ever

Speaking of the devil,

Its just a term,

But speaking of my devil,
Is more than just-a-term.

Life shall and will go on,
Trying to move forward,
But backwards only is possible,
Eternity, shall this not happen.

Thoughts of you,
Is like sweetened chocolate,
Thinking of you,

Is like nailing my heart.

To be together or not,
That is an option to be chosen from,
But me loving you,
That is not an option.

Baby, oh my baby,
Love is bitter and sweet,
The more
bitter, the better
The more
sweet,only makes you a diabetic patient.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tradition is the KEY to a classy life style.

Meyshna and I

Monija, the dancing diva.

Meyshna, Dad, Mom, and Yours truly.

From this, we all officially know that I'm a BHARATHANATYAM dancer which also means Indian classical dancing :) I have a thing thing for dancing. DANCING IS MY PASSION. I obviously would not mind persuing my career in dancing, but haha, i'll keep that secondary :) What more if it's traditional dancing?! :) I CAN dance all night long to preferably INDIAN songs, ENGLISH comes next.
Though i can't speak TAMIL/MALAYALAM fluently, i still do listen to Tamil/Malayalam songs because the music is soothing and the voice modulation and the pitching i just right.

A shot taken during the performance.

I'm a true believer of tradition, culture and religion. If u think that's weird, YOU'RE WEIRD. Honestly, the main reason the world is turning disastrous is due to lack of BELIEVE in his/her religion. So, open your eyes people. You would not want a world filled with bimbo's and arrogant creatures, would you?! To all you non-believers out there, i quote 'Believe in your religion, learn the true meaning of life.'
Me, Meyshna and Srividya (bottom)

After the show with Leila, Aunty Thevy, Me, Meyshna and Sonia.


Peanuts turned racial ?!

Yes yes yes.. I woke up as usual, went to school like i always do and prayed for it to be a good day for me and the people around me. For five periods straight there were no studies, haha like imagine that. This kind of day comes around once in a BLUE MOON for my class.

After class, Amreth, Sophie and I headed down to the canteen for a bite. And as we were walking down, i spotted Kyvern so we decided to grab a bite together. As we were walking to the food counter, i told her about the new item on the canteen's menu, and guesss what... its MAGGIE CUP in school !! :D And we walked over to the food counter, ordered TOM YAM flavoured Maggie cup and waited a while. Within seconds it was ready and when we were about to pay.. *SCREAMS*BANGS*CURSES* Kyvern and I turned around and saw a Malay boy and a Chinese boy, who's in the same form as us.. FIGHTING right in front of our naked eye!!

That very moment, both of us were dumbstruck over the fight. We were shivering with our mouth opened out of shock. A couple of Malay(Rempit) boys literally BASHED this Chinese dude up, and after, they walked towards their table and continued eating their Nasi Lemak. Anger rose within the Chinese boy and within seconds we saw him do the 'FLYING KICK' and yes, we really saw him FLY. He RAN, JUMPED, *FLY* and KICKED the Malay boy who was eating and together, the Malay boy and his plate of Nasi Lemak went flying. Out of anger a bunch of Malay boys pushed this Chinese boy on the canteen bench and yes, whacked the #$%^ out of him. And that's when the Chinese, form 5 gang jumped on the canteen table and came running in, to the rescue. This has only lead to something worst, A RACIAL FIGHT. Moments later, the teachers arrived and stopped the fight and took in the root people of the fight to the office to be interrogated. Yes, the Malay and the Chinese boy.

And things settled, Kyvern and i paid for our Maggie cup, ate it quickly and ran up to class and told our classmates the true story. By then, our Chemistry lessons began. Once the school bell rang, it was time to go home. I reached down and stood under the bus top in our school, talking to my friends, that's when we saw students running out of school to the flats housing area. Later, we were told that the Chinese gang decided to settle the racial fight which was suppose to occur after school and knowing the ' REMPIT'S ', they disagreed to settle it. The crowd grew bigger with more people from other races including a bunch of Malay's on the Chinese gang's side , after , the 'Rempit Gang' decided to back off when they knew majority was on their enemies side. Later on, the crowd cleared and i saw that particular Chinese boy(Victim) , i called him over and asked what happened and he said ' During recess i was eating with my friends and the Malay boys were throwing Nasi Lamak PEANUTS right at me, NON-STOP, i stood up and pointed at them, and sat on my bench back and the next thing i remember was me being beaten by them ' that's when i thought to myself ' If Malaysians are UNITED, colour and language not being a barrier, can a tiny little incy-wincy peanut break the unity? '